Princess Elisabeth of Hanover Biography and Replies

Born Elisabeth Tatiana Maximiliana Iacobella Faiza 22nd February 2018 at Diakovere Henriettenstift in Hanover to Their Royal Highnesses The Hereditary Prince and Hereditary Princess of Hanover.

She was christened on 28 October 2018 in Marienburg Castle. Her godmothers are: Tatiana Casiraghi, Maximiliana Gräfin Douglas, Iacobella Gaetani and Faiza s’Lika.


Ernst August, The Hereditary Prince of Hanover

Ekaterina, The Hereditary Princess of Hanover


Prince Welf August of Hanover (Welf August Yohannes Ferdinand Karl Wilhelm Anthony Julio Mario) born on 14th March 2019 at Diakovere Henriettenstift in Hanover.

Princess Eleanora of Hanover (Eleanora Dina Daniela Alexandra) on 26th July 2021 in Hanover.



22nd February 2018 – Present; Her Royal HIghness Princess Elisabeth of Hanover.


2nd Birthday (2020)

Princess Elisabeth Birthday Hanover
Princess Elisabeth Birthday Hanover
Princess Elisabeth Birthday Hanover


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