Who I wrote to January 2019

Sent: 15                        Received: 8               Waiting: 7


Princess Maria Chiara of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (14)

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (98) (Received 4th February 2019)

King Juan Carlos of Spain (81)

Prince Vincent of Denmark (8) (Received 7th February 2019)

Princess Josephine of Denmark (8) (Received 7th February 2019)

Duchess of Cambridge (37) (Received 11th February 2019)

Prince Philip of Serbia (37)

Countess of Wessex (54)

The Queen of The Belgians (46) (Received 20th February 2019)

Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (15)

Princess Athena of Denmark (7) (Received 12th April 2019)

Princess Charlene of Monaco (41) (Received 12th February 2019)

King Felipe VI of Spain (51)

Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands (81)

Wedding Anniversaries 



The Queen of Denmark (47) (Received 15th February 2019)


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