Hand Signed Responses

United Kingdom

Duchess of Cornwall

  1. Letter 9th April 2018
  2. Letter 12th November 2018
  3. Letter 12th December 2018


Lady Pamela Hicks

  1. Birthday Response (2019)



Princess Marie Esmérelda

  1. Princess Marie-Esmérelda’s 63rd Birthday (2019)



Crown Prince Leka and Crown Princess Elia of Albania

  1. Crown Princess Elia’s Birthday (2019)



Archduke Sandor and Archduchess Herta Margarete of Austria

  1. Card with the Signatures of Their Imperial and Royal Highnesses (2019)



  1. Tsar Simeon II 82nd Birthday



The Hereditary Prince and Hereditary Princess of Hanover

  1. Birth of Prince Welf August (2019)



Prince Hans-Adam and Princess Marie of Liechtenstein

  1. Princess Marie’s 78th Birthday (2018)
  2. Princess Marie’s 79th Birthday (2019)
  3. The Prince and Princess 52nd Wedding Anniversary (2019)

Prince Alois and Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

  1. Prince Alois and Princess Sophie Wedding Anniversary
  2. Prince Alois’s 50th Birthday (2018)
  3. Princess Sophie’s 51st Birthday (2018)
  4. Prince Alois’s 51st Birthday (2019)

Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein 

  1. Princess Margaretha on the passing of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (2019)


Princess Tessy, Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah

  1. Christmas Reply (2018)
  2. Easter and Prince Gabriel’s Birthday (2019)
  3. Passing of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and Princess Tessy’s Honorary Doctorate (2019)
  4. Letter dated August 23rd (2019)
  5. Prince Noah de Nassau’s Birthday reply from Tessy Antony-de Nassau

Xavier Bettel



  1. Signed Photo of The Prince and Princess of Prussia (2019)
  2. Prince of Prussia’s Birthday (2019)


de Lippe

  1. Traute, Princess de Lippe Easter Response (2019)
  2. Stephan, Prince de Lippe Easter Response (2019)
  3. Stephan, Prince de Lippe’s 60th Birthday (2019)


  1. Franz, Duke of Bavaria 86th Birthday (2019)

zu Sayn-Wittgenatwin-Sayn

  1. Wedding of Prince Casimir and Princess Alana (2019)


Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia

  1. Crown Prince Alexander’s 73rd Birthday (2018)
  2. Crown Princess Katherine’s 75th Birthday (2018)
  3. Easter Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine (2019)
  4. Crown prince Alexander 74th Birthday (2019)

Prince Philip and Princess Danica of Serbia

  1. Birth of Prince Stefan of Serbia (2018)