Alexander and Sarah, Prince and Princess von Isenburg Easter 2020

Royal response from Their Serene Highness The Prince and Princess von Isenburg on the occasion of Easter 2020.

The reply is in the form of a card, on the front is a picture of The Princely Family taken on the christening day of His Serene Highness Franz Salvator, the Hereditary Prince von Isenburg; The Prince and Princess von Isenburg are pictured with their two daughters Princess Alix and Princess Zita von Isenburg and their son Franz Salvator, The Hereditary Prince von Isenburg. Inside is a handwritten message thanking me for my good wishes and signed Fürst und Fürstin von Isenburg. On the reverse is the Royal Monogram of The Prince of Isenburg, An f and I under a Crown.

Front of Card

Isenburg Card Front


Isenburg Card Message


Thank you for your good wishes.

Prince and Princess of Isenburg

Reverse of Card

Isenburg Card Reverse


Isenburg Envelope_LI



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