Alexander, 9th Prince of Isenburg Biography and Replies

Born Alexander Wolfgang Georg Paul Maria on 16th June 1969 in Frankfurt to Their Serene Highnesses Franz Alexander and Elizabeth, The Prince and Princess of Isenburg.


He attended a Primary School in Birstein.

He went on to study at Jesuit College St. Blasien, a boarding school.

He completed his military service with the mountain troops in Berchtesgarden and left the Bundeswehr as a lieutenant in the reserve.

He went on to study forest science at the Georg August University in Göttingen.

Further studies led him to the Strathclyde Graduate Business School in Glasgow, where he received his MBA, and the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel, where he studied finance economist.


He married Dr. Sarah Lorenz civilly on 14th June 2014 in Stucco Hall of Birstein Castle. On 12th July 2014 they married in a religious ceremony in the monastery church Frauenwörth on the Fraueninsel in Chiemsee. His Excellency the Auxiliary Bishop of Fulda, Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Diez.


Princess Alix of Isenburg (Alix Imagina Blanca Irmingard Maria) born 24th November 2015 in Munich.

Princess Zita of Isenburg (Zita Maria Immaculata Elisabeth Irina) born 5th January 2017 in Munich.

Franz Salvator, The Hereditary Prince of Isenburg (Franz Salvator Ferdinand Bonifatius Wilhelm Maria) born 8th August 2019 in Munich.


16th June 1969 – 5th May 2018; His Serene Highness Prince Alexander of Isenburg.

5th May 2018 – Present; His Serene Highness Alexander, 9th Prince of Isenburg.

Line of Succession

Alexander, 9th Prince of Isenburg

  1. Franz Salvator, The Hereditary Prince of Isenburg
  2. Prince Viktor of Isenburg


Easter (2020)

Isenburg Card Front

Isenburg Card Message

Isenburg Card Reverse




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