Who I Wrote to March 2023

Sent: 14                                             Received: 0                                         Waiting: 14


Prince Oscar of Sweden (7) – Son of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden – Grandson of The King and Queen of Sweden.

Sophie, The Princess of Prussia (45) – Wife of Georg Friedrich, The Prince of Prussia – Head of The House of Hohenzollern 

Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex (59) – Son of The Queen of The United Kingdom and The Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Gabriel of Nassau (17) – Son of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg – Grandson of The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Princess Tessy of Luxembourg for Prince Gabriel’s Birthday (17)

Princess Farahnaz Pahlavi (60) – Daughter of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi ( The Last Shah of Iran) and Farah Pahlavi. 

The Sovereign Prince of Monaco (65) – Albert II, The Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

Prince Welf August of Hanover (4) – Son of The Hereditary Prince and Hereditary Princess of Hanover.

Princess Claire of Luxembourg (38) – Wife of Prince Félix of Luxembourg – Daughter-in-law of The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (67) – Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Princess Eugenie of York (33) – Daughter of The Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York – Granddaughter of The Queen of The United Kingdom and The Duke of Edinburgh. 

Diane, Duchess of Württemberg (83) – Wife of Carl, Duke of Württemberg, Head of The House of Württemberg.

Princess Margarita of Romania (74) – Daughter of the former King and Queen of Romania, Current Custodian of The Crown of Romania, Head of The House of Romania.

Crown Prince Leka II of Albania (41) – Titular King of Albania, Head of the House of Zogu. 


  1. Have you ever received a reply back from Eugenie on her bday?
    I heard she only replies to weddings and babies.
    I never heard back from her on prince Philip’s death or our late Queen’s death.


  2. Hello,
    Will you write to HRH Prince Edward to congratulate for the new title of Duke of Edinburgh? And to the Duchess? In the same card?

    Which could be tge best way fir congratulation?
    Sorry, probably a stupid question but for me I sometimes worried to write in English ( not native ) to a Royal.
    I think the address will remsin tge same
    Thanks if you can help 🙂


  3. Good day, did you write to Lady Carnarvon for Easter. I did but some times do not always get a reply. Happy day to you. Cheryl.


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