Charles and Princess Eliane Astor Christmas 2020 and Birth of Their Daughter Astrid

Royal response from The Hon. Charles and Princess Eliane Astor on the occasion of Christmas 2020 and The New Year 2021 and the birth of their daughter Astrid.

The Hon Charles Astor is the son and heir of John and Elizabeth Astor, The 3rd Baron and Baroness Astor of Hever.

The Barony of Astor of Hever Castle in the County of Kent created for John Astor in The Peerage of The united Kingdom in 1956 by Elizabeth II.

Princess Eliane Astor ne de Merde is Princess Eliane is the only daughter of Prince Léonel and Princess Régine de Merode of Westerlo, Belgium.

Born Astrid Henriette Elizabeth on 9th November 2020, she is the first child of the couple.

The reply is in the form of a card which on the front bears a picture of the couple with their new born daughter, inside is a message about the birth of their daughter and the opposite side is a handwritten message and a printed message and is hand signed by the couple.


Front of Card

Birth Notice




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