Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg 26th Wedding Anniversaries

Royal response from Their Royal Highnesses Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg on the occasion of their 26th wedding anniversary.

Born Guillaume Marie Louis Christian on 1st May 1963 to Their Royal Highnesses Jean and Josephine-Charlotte, The Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Born Sibilla Sandra on 12th June 1968 to Paul-Annik and Olimpia Weiller.

The couple married civilly in Sélestat on 8th September 1994 and religiously at Versailles Cathedral on 24th September 1994.

The reply is in the form of a handwritten card in English and signed by Her Royal Highness Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg and also included was a family portrait which features Their Royal Highnesses with their four children Their Royal Highnesses Prince Paul Louis, Prince Léopold, Princess Charlotte and Prince Jean of Nassau.




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