Caroline Stanley, The Countess of Derby, The Duchess Podcast Letter

Response from The Right Honourable The Countess of Derby n response to a letter I sent on her featuring on Her Grace The Duchess of Rutland’s The Duchess Podcast.

Lady Derby features on the episode 4 of the podcast and speaks about the history of The Stanley/Derby Family, her story as someone who grew up on an Estate and then married into one and the hard work needed to put it back together after it had been leased out to The Police Force and as Chatelaine of The Estate, and the history of Their Seat of Power, Knowsley Hall.

The Earldom of Derby was created in 1485 for Thomas Stanley, The 2nd Baron Stanley by his stepson Henry VII after the Battle of Bosworth Field when he decided to support Henry VII instead of Richard III. Subsidiary titles are; Baron Stanley of Preston, in The County of Lancaster created in 1886 in The Peerage of The United Kingdom by Victoria and Baron Stanley of Bickerstaffe in The County of Lancaster created in The Peerage of The United Kingdom in 1832 by William IV.

The Family Seat is Knowsley Hall since 1702.

The Family Motto is Sans changer which translates as Without Changing.

The card is in the form of a card which on the front has the family crest and Motto and inside are two pictures; one of the 19th Earl and Countess of Derby Children in 2002 and one of the family taken at Knowsley hall.

Front of Card


Christening Picture

Family Picture



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