Sweden Royal Family Members

Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden born 30th April 1946

Silvia, Queen of Sweden born 23rd December 1943

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Vastergotland born 14th July 1977

Prince Daniel of Sweden, Duke of Vastergotland born 15th September 1973

Princess Estelle, Duchess of Ostergotland born 23rd February 2012

Prince Oscar, Duke of Skane born 2nd March 2016

Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Varmland born 13th May 1979

Princess Sofia, Duchess of Varmland born 6th December 1984

Prince Alexander, Duke of Sodermanland born 19th April 2016

Prince Gabriel, Duke of Dalarna born 31st August 2017 

Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland born 10th June 1982

Christopher O’Neill born 27th June 1974

Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland born 20th February 2014

Prince Nicolas, Duke of Angermanland born 15th June 2015

Princess Adrienne, Duchess of Blekinge born 9th March 2018


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