Greece Christmas 2014

Royal response from The Greek Royal Family in relation to Christmas 2014. The card features three different pictures of The Greek Royal Family with one on the front and two inside. The picture on the front was taken at Acropolis Museum for the occasion of Their Majesties 50th Wedding Anniversary. Inside the card is two pictures, the picture on top is of of Their Majesties with the children of their Royal Highness The Crown Prince and crown princess of Greece and on the bottom a picture with he children of Her Royal Highness princess Alexia and Carlos Quintana, both taken on His Majesty Yacht Afroessa.


Front of Card

Christmas Card Front

L-R Prince Philippos, Princess Theodora, The Crown Princess of Greece. Crown Prince of Greece, The Queen of Greece, The King of Greece, Princess Alexia, Carlos Quintana, Princess Tatiana , Prince Nikolaos.



Christmas Card Message


Christmas Card Picture

Top Picture

Christmas Card Picture Top

L-R Prince Constantine-Alexios, The King of Greece, Prince Odysseas-Kimon, The Queen of Greece, Prince Achileas-Andreas, Prince Aristidis-Stavros, Princess Maria-Olympia.

Bottom Picture

Christmas Card Picture Bottom

L-R Ana Maria,The King of Greece, Carlos, The Queen of Greece, Amelia, Arrietta.


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