Jean and Joséphine Charlotte, The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg’s 100 year anniversary of Luxembourg Dynasty

Royal response from Their Royal Highnesses The Grand Duke and Grand duchess of Luxembourg on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of the Luxembourg Dynasty.

On 23rd November 1890 Luxembourg Personal Union with The Kingdom of the Netherlands due to the death of William III, The King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg as his daughter Wilhelmina, ascended to the Throne of the Netherlands but could not ascend to The Throne of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg due to the succession laws which was restricted to male heirs due to Nassau Family Pact. Thus The House of Nassau-Weilburg came to Throne of The Grand Duchy with its first Grand Duke been Adolphe.

The reply is in the form of a letter in French.


100 years of the Luxembourg Royal Family


The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, very sensitive to the kind wishes and thoughts expressed on the occasion of the celebration of the Centenary of the Luxembourg Dynasty, thank you wholeheartedly.
Your feelings of attachment to their Family touched them very much.


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