Leonor, The Princess de Asturias 15th Birthday

Royal; response from Their Majesties The King and Queen of Spain on the occasion of their daughter Her Royal Highness The Princess de Asturias 15th Birthday.

Born Leonor de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Ortiz 31st October 2005 at 1.46am in the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid to Their Royal Highness The Prince and Princess of Asturias.

She was baptised on 14 January 2006 in the Zarzuela Palace by the Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, Antonio Rouco Varela. Her godparents are Their Majesties King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofía of Spain.

The reply is in the form of a letter in Spanish thanking me for my birthday wishes to Her Royal Highness and also includes a portrait of Her Royal Highness Th Princess de Asturias.




Dear Friend:
I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of the attentive letter that you addressed to Her Royal Highness the Princess of Asturias on October 1, in which you kindly congratulate her on Her birthday, while expressing the desire to have a photograph of Her Royal Highness.
His Majesty the King and Her Royal Highness entrust me, Your name, to thank you for your kind congratulations, and to send you, with a cordial greeting, the attached photograph you requested, which I do with the greatest pleasure.


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