Passing of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg

Royal response from His Royal Highness The Grand Duke of Luxembourg on the passing of his mother Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg.

Born Charlotte Adelgonde Élise/Elisabeth Marie Wilhelmine on 23rd January 1896 in Chateau de Berg to Their Royal Highnesses William and Marie Anne, The Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg later William IV and Marie Anne, The Grand Duke an Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

She ascended to The Throne of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg upon the abdication of her sister Marie-Adélaïde and a referendum of the people of Luxembourg who chose to retain the Grand Ducal Family with Charlotte as Grand Duchess.

She reigned as Grand Duchess from 14th January 1919 to her abdication in favour of her son Prince Jean, The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg on 12th November 1964.

She married His Royal Highness Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma on 6th November 1919 and had six children; Jean, The Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Hohenberg, Princess Marie Adelaide, Princess Marie Gabrielle, Prince Charles and Alix, Princess de Ligne.

Her Royal Highness passed away on 9th July 1985 at Fischbach Castle in Luxembourg.

The reply is in the form of a card in French from His Royal Highness Jean, The Grand Duke of Luxembourg and included is a memorial card of Grand Duchess Charlotte.



The Grand Duchess and myself, my sisters and my children, have been deeply touched by your kind message of sympathy and condolences.
We extend our sincere thanks to you.

Memorial Card

Memorial Card Front

Memorial Card Inside

Memorial Card Reverse

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