Passing of Duchess Helene of Württemberg, Markgräfin Pallavicini

Royal response from The Pallavicini Family of on the passing of their mother Duchess Helene of Württemberg, Markgräfin Pallavicini.

Born Helene Christina Rosa Margareta Albertine Philippine Amélie Therese Josephine Antonia Alix Patrine Paula Pia on 29th June 1929 to Their Royal Highnesses to Philipp Albrecht and Rosa, The Duke and Duchess of Württemberg

She married Markgraf Federico Pallavicini civilly on 22nd August 1961 at Althausen and religiously on 23rd August 1961 at Friedrichshafen. The couple have four children: Maria Cristina born 1963, Antoinetta born 1964, Gabriela born 1965, and Gian-Carlo born 1967.

The reply is in the form of a card in German thanking me for my condolences on the passing of The Duchess.



We are deeply impressed and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the many comforting words, prayers and signs of sympathy for the death of our dearly beloved Mother, as well as the generous donations in favor of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gerhard e.V.
Through this loving support, we feel supported in this difficult time.

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