Passing of Alexander McDonnell, The 9th Earl of Antrim

Response from The Right Honourable The 10th Earl of Antrim on the passing of his father The Right Honourable The 9th Earl of Antrim.

Born Alexander Randal Mark on 3rd February 1935 to Randal and Angela McDonnell, The 8th Earl and Countess of Antrim. He was styles Viscount Dunluce from birth until 26th September 1977 when he ascended as The 9th Earl.

The Earldom of Antrim (2nd creation) was created for Randal William MacDonnell, 6th Earl of Antrim (1st creation) in 1785 The Peerage of Ireland by George III with special remainder to his daughters in order of seniority (as he had no sons and no other males heir. The subsidiary title is Viscount Dunluce created in 1745 in The Peerage if Ireland by George III. Upon his death the 1st creation of The Earldom and Viscountcy went extinct and he was succeed in the second creation by his eldest daughter Anne.

The Family Seat is Glenarm Castle.

The reply is in the form of a letter on Glenarm Castle stationary handwritten by The 10th Earl thanking me for my condolences.


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