Bernhard, The Hereditary Prince de Lippe’s 26th Birthday, Prince Wilhelm de Lippe’s 22nd Birthday and Princess Mathilde de Lippe’s 18th Birthday

Royal response from Their Serene Highnesses The Hereditary Prince, Prince Wilhelm and Princess Mathilde de Lippe on the occasion of their 26th, 22nd and 18th birthdays respectfully.

Born Bernhard Leopold Baptist Ernst George Ludwig on 9th September 1995.

Born Wilhelm Benjamin Hans Karl Maximilian Paul on 12th October 1999.

Born Mathilde Pauline Anna Elisabeth on 7th September 2003.

The reply is in the form of a card which on the front has a picture of Their Serene Highnesses and inside is a message in German and the signatures of Their Serene Highnesses.





Thank you very much for the congratulations on our birthdays.
We were very happy that you thought of us.

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