Lennart Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg’s 70th Birthday

Royal response from Lennart Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg (born Prince Lennart, Duke of Småland on 8th May 1909, a grandson of King Gustaf V of Sweden, he lost his Swedish Titles upon his morganatic marriage in 1932, he was created Count of Wisborg in the Nobility of Luxembourg in 1951 by Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg) on the occasion of his 70th birthday which was on 8th May 1979. The reply is in the form of a card which on the outside is a drawing of Mainau Island by an artist named Keller. Inside is three panels, the left bears a portrait of Lennart, middle bears a message from The Count and the right panel bears a portrait of Sonja. Both portraits are by the artist Oswald Petersen and were painted November/December 1978.



Outside Left


Outside Middle


Outside Right




Portrait of The Count





Countess congratulation in the from of puzzle pieces, telegrams, gifts, tributes and honours have made me very happy on my 70th birthday. The joys of friendship and my heartfelt gratitude should hereby reach those who have made the event unforgettable with their gifts. Soja joins in my thanks.

Portrait of The Countess


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