Alix Fraye, Countess d’Harambure Easter 2020

Response from Alex Fraye, Countess d’Harambure and Xavier Fraye on the occasion of Easter 2019.

The reply is in the form of a card which on the front features a family of bunnies and a message of Happy Easter in German, inside the card on the left is a message and on the right is a picture of their fifth child and third son Joseph surrounded by bunnies collecting eggs for Easter and on the reverse is a family portrait of their five children.


Easter Card Outside

Easter Card Inside

Card Outside

Easter Card Outside

Card Front

Easter Card Front

Card Reverse Family Picture

Easter Card Reverse

Card Inside

Easter Card Inside

Card Inside Message

Easter Card Message



In our own name and in the names of Armel, Benedikt, Alexandra and Marie-Anasthasie we are happy to announce the birth of the baptism of


François-Xavier and Lix share with Armel, Benedikt, ALexandra and Marie Anasthasie the joy of announcing the birth and baptism of


Card Inside Photo

Easter Card Baby Joesph


Envelope Front_LI

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