King Albert II of Belgium Biography and Replies

Born Dutch: Albert Felix Humbert Theodoor Christiaan Eugène Maria, French: Albert Félix Humbert Théodore Christian Eugène Marie, German: Albrecht Felix Humbert Theodor Christian Eugen Maria on 6th June 1934 t Château du Stuyvenberg, near Laeken, Brussels to Their Majesties The King and Queen of The Belgians.

He reigned as King of Belgium from 9th AUgust 19936 until his abdication on 21st July 2013.


Leopold III, The King of The Belgians

Astrid, The Queen of The Belgians


Joséphine-Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, born 11th October 1927 at the Royal Palace of Brussels. 

Baudouin, The King of The Belgians born 7th September 1930 at Château du Stuyvenberg, near Laeken, Brussels.

Prince Alexandre of Belgium born 18th July 1942 – 29th November 2009 at Château du Stuyvenberg, near Laeken, Brussels.

Princess Marie-Christine of Belgium born 8th February 1951 at Château du Stuyvenberg, near Laeken, Brussels..

Princess Marie-Esméralda of Belgium, Lady Moncada born 30th September 1956 at Château du Stuyvenberg, near Laeken, Brussels.


1940 – 1944; He studied at either Château du Stuyvenberg near Laeken, or at the Chateau of Ciergnon in the Ardennes.

1945-1950;  He studied at a secondary school in Geneva.


His engagement to Princess Paola Ruffo di Calabria was announced on 12th April 1959 on the radio.


The couple married on 2nd July 1959 in a civil ceremony at the Brussels Town Hall and a religious ceremony at the Cathedral of Saint Michel and Saint Gudule in Brussels. They have three children.


Philippe, The King of The Belgians born 5th April 1960 in Belvédère Castle in Laeken north of Brussels.

Princess Astrid of Belgium, The Archduchess of Austria-Este born 5th June 1962 at Belvédère Castle in Laeken north of Brussels.

Prince Laurent of Belgium born 19th October 1963 at Belvédère Castle in Laeken north of Brussels.


6th  June 1934 – 7th June 1934; His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Belgium

7th June 1934 – 9th August 1993; His Royal Highness The Prince of Liège

9th August 1993 – 21st July 2013; His Majesty The King of the Belgians

21st July 2013 – present; His Majesty King Albert II of Belgium


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84th Birthday (2018)

albert birthday

Christmas (2018)

Albert and Paola christmas 2018

Albert II and Paola

85th Birthday (2019)

King Albert II 85th Birthday

60th Wedding Anniversary (2019)

Belgian Royal family Photo Belgium 60th Wedding Anniversary Albert II and PaolaKing Albert II and Queen Paola of Belgium

Christmas (2019)

Christmas Card Front Albert II and PaolaChristmas Card Reverse Albert II and Paola






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